Facets of Infinity

The new Spark CD will be released on July 07 with Neue Meister. Facets of Infinity is a composition by Berlin based composer Johannes Motschmann for Spark and Symphony Orchestra. The recording took place at Alte Oper Frankfurt together with Opern - und Museumsorchester Frankfurt and conductor Sebastian Weigle. Additionally, the album contains two ambient tracks with gentle recollections of the concerto.

Spark on the air

Next Friday, on January 27, Spark will be featured on German radio station hr2 with a broadcast from the concert at Alte Oper Frankfurt in October 2016. The premiere of Johannes Motschmann's "Facets of Infinity" for Spark and Symphony Orchestra was one of the concert's highlights. The broadcast starts at 20h04 and is also available via internet.

Alpha Dog Project

This season, Spark is participating in a cross-boarder project at Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace. Together with video artist Olivier Garouste from Paris and students from schools in France and Germany, a video clip will be realized. The clip is based on the composition "Alpha Dog" by Kenji Bunch. In June 2017, there will be a concluding presentation of the work.

Premiere of Facets of Infinity

The premiere of Johannes Motschmann's brand new piece "Facets of Infinity" for Spark and symphony orchestra will be one of the top highlights of the new season. At the same time, there will be a recording of the composition for the new Spark CD with Berlin Classics. The concerts are scheduled for October 23 and 24 at Alte Oper Frankfurt together with the Opern- and Museumsorchester Frankfurt and conductor Sebastian Weigle.


Next Saturday, September 17th, Spark will be performing at the annual opener of the cultural season OdeGand alongside the canals of Ghent in Belgium. The concert starts at 20h30 on a spectacular water stage at Graslei.

Festival Musiq'3

Tomorrow's Spark concert at Festival Musiq'3 in Brussels, Belgium, will be broadcasted live on radio channel Musiq'3 - RTBF and via live stream on the internet. The concert starts at 5 p.m.

Spark meets Orchestra

In autumn, Spark is going to perform several concerts with orchestra. In September, the Classical Band will perform "Kiss of Fire" from Dutch composer Chiel Meijering together with the Württembergische Kammerorchester Heilbronn. In October, there will be a premiere of Johannes Motschmann's "Facets of Infinity" for Spark + Symphonyorchestra at Alte Oper Frankfurt together with Opern - and Museumsorchestra Frankfurt. For more details please visit the On Tour section.

New Release

Spark and Berlin Classics released an EP with Songs In Other Words by Kamran Ince and a recording of "Sheep may safely grace" by Johann Sebastian Bach on iTunes.

Spark on NPO2

Spark will be performing live at Podium Witteman on NPO2 on Sunday, March 06, starting at 18h10. Watch the performance here.

Classical Underground

On February 15, Spark will perform at the Milla Live Club in Munich. Starting at 9 pm, the Classical Band is presenting a "Classical Underground" show together with the team of U21 from radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk. The show will be broadcasted live on BR-Klassik. On board is also a surprise guest from Munich's music scene!

La Folle Journée

It's time once again for "La Folle Journée de Nantes". Spark will be participating at the festival from January 29 to February 07, presenting music from their latest album "Wild Territories". For further information, please check the On Tour section.